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Broadcastify on Alexa

Broadcastify Feed on your Amazon Alexa devices

  1. Enable the Alexa Radio Browser skill:
  2. You will next need to add the feed ID link to your Alexa
    Feed links:
  3. Go to the following URL to create and edit your favorites list.
    You will have to ask Alexa for your radio browser password and then enter that in the password box, check consent, and then submit. 
  4. Click Add URL
  5. Specify the number in your list, the name you want to call the station, and the following URL:
    Below is an example of what it should look like.
  6. Click Add
  7. Tell your Alexa Device:  “Alexa, Play Radio Browser” (If you did not set Branch County Public Safety as #1 you will need to tell Alexa what number to go to.)
  8. The feed should start playing

Optional shortcut (Setting up Routine/Skill for Broadcastify)

  1. Open Alexa App
  2. Click More…
  3. Click Routines
  4. Click +
  5. Enter Routine Name + (Add what you want to call your routine), Click Next
  6. Click “When this Happens +”
  7. Click Voice
  8. Enter Phrase  (example: Police Scanner)
  9. Click Next or Add another phrase if you want.
  10. Click Add Action +
  11. Click Skills
  12. Click Your Skills
  13. Select Radio Browser
  14. Select From (If you would like to change which device you want the scanner to play on) Default is the one you’re speaking too.
  15. Click Save

    Say “Alexa, Police Scanner” and the Radio Browser Skill opens to the last channel it played.
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