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BCARC Dues Structure

Members of the BCARC are licensed Amateur Radio Operators. The BCARC dues are annual dues and run from January to December and currently are at $15.00 per person per calendar year. The amount of club dues may be adjusted as required by the Officers and members of the Board of Directors, subject to approval by the membership.

The dues for any additional licensed family members living in the same household as the primary family member are $3.00 per person per calendar year. Licensed family members are considered regular club members with full privileges of membership.

Unlicensed family members living in the same household as the primary family member(s) can become an Associate Member by payment of annual dues of $3.00 per person per calendar year. Associate Members have all membership benefits except voting. To vote on any question brought before the club, one must hold a valid Amateur Radio License and be a member in good standing.

Dues are due in January and are payable via the Pay Pal portal on our website or by cash or check (payable to BCARC) to any Officer or member of the Board of Directors of the Branch County Amateur Radio Club.

To remain current, members are expected to pay their dues close to the beginning of the year/ There is no adjustment available for late payment of dues.

Amateurs applying for membership for the first time will be assessed dues at a rate of $1.25 per month for the remaining months in that calendar year, including the month that the application is made.


Once you fill out your application online and click the submit button for payment. You will be taken to PayPal. Once done click on the Return to Merchant button at the bottom. You will then be taken back to our website to register for an account for the members-only area. 

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