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Gear For Sale


The corresponding 3 pages of pictures of amateur radio gear that are from Rick Wilcox WA8S (SK) collection. Each item has a price on it and is a reasonable expectation of what an item may be worth to another ham. If there is an item or items that you are interested in, contact Jim, WV0SS by email at or at 517-677-1954. Jim may be able to answer some questions about the items, but a lot of information may not be available.

If you are willing to pay what is being asked, then things are good, provided that the item is still available. If you would like to offer less than the listed price, tell Jim what your offer is and he will contact Rick’s wife and see if he can negotiate on your behalf. He may be able to strike a deal, but she may come back with a counter offer, say yes, or say no. This negotiation may take some time with Jim acting as a go-between. Personal schedules will probably slow things down.

There are some good items available and would make good additions to a station.

Have fun and good luck!

Jim, WV0SS & Larry, WB8R

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